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Asian Institute of Professionals

Asian Institute of Professionals was inaugurated some 40 years ago by a team of highly qualified Professionals in the Asian Region. The Founders vision was to use Asian Institute of Professionals as a vehicle to improve the lot of Professionals in Asian Countries. All Professionals are entitled to seek Membership Status. Distinguished Professionals are awarded the title of Fellows. Asian Institute of Professionals (AIP) has undergone a metamorphosis especially after languishing in the doldrums for over a Decade.

Since 2011, a new lease of life has been injected into AIP. A new team headed by a dynamic President has been established. The President is Prof.Dr.S.Sabrina, ably assisted by Prof.Dr.R. Battle ( a distinguished alumni of Harvard ), Dr, Jay, Dr.Kenneth G, all holding the positions of Vice Presidents.AIP is honoured to have a distinguished journalist, broadcaster, writer and Academic Advisor in the person of Prof.Dr.Anthony Hughes.

AIP is a Professional Membership based body that recognizes the myriad of Professionals in this modern era. AIP’s main role is to provide Certification for a wide range Professional and Non – Professional Programs, including Seminar type of programs / Courses. AIP itself conducts a range of Programs under its own umbrella from Certificate Level to Professional Level.

AIP collaborates closely with other Professional Bodies like the United Kingdom Association of Professionals. United States Association of Professionals and African Institute of Management. These fraternity links helps to cement relationships, exchange ideas and Programs and collaborate on activities mutually beneficial to their respective members.